Bored? Make scones!

With all the waiting that has been happening in our house, we have found time for some mini adventures in the local area.  Most recently we picked blueberries and blackberries at a U-Pick farm nearby.  We came home with 9 pounds of berries and I was desperate to make something of them.

My good friend Nikki posted this amazing blueberry scone recipe ( to her blog and she swore to me they’d be hubby approved.  I 100% take her word about food because she also told me to make these browned butter blueberry muffins ( and they were the bomb-diggity. (Every time I say that phrase two things happen: 1. Jeremiah gives me a disgusted look and 2. I hear Regina George from Mean Girls saying, “Stop trying to make ‘bomb-diggity’ happen!”)

Anyways… if you’re bored and find yourself with pounds of the fruity spoils of summer, make these recipes… they’re hubby approved. 🙂


blueberry scone


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