The Fun

Who needs a destination wedding when your back yard is a beautiful intracoastal waterway and the ocean is 100 yards from your front door?

Since we are indeed beach dwellers, we decided to capitalize on our current location and have our wedding ceremony in the sand.  Barefoot.

I mean, why not?  Providence not only brought us together to grow in love towards one another, it also brought us together…on the beach.  Thus, with a handful of our close friends who live locally Hannah and I “eloped” to a spot on the beach about two miles down the road.

Hannah has always been particularly fond of the fishing pier that extends into the Atlantic over the specific beach spot in question.  The reason?  Well it’s the same reason girls like anything: it looks pretty.  At least from underneath, looking out to sea.  And did I have an objection to this location?  Heck no.  Great spot.  Minus the very short trip through the live bait and tackle store to get out to the actual beach.

What follows are photos of our actual ceremony.  It was officiated by our friend J.P., a fellow Marine officer and classmate of mine from good ol’ “Bancroft by the Bay.”  (An antiquated nickname for my alma mater, but I trust some of you readers have figured it out.)

Best part of the ceremony?  Oh that was after we had exchanged vows and rings and J.P. told me that I could “now shake the bride’s hand.”  I laughed hysterically!  The joke is that the day I met Hannah we went for a walk; down the beach and then all the way back to her place (about a mile down from my place at the time).  Once I had safely escorted her home, she gladly drove me the mile back to my place.  As we parted company, I told her it was nice to meet her and extended my hand for a harmless shake.  To this day she thinks it was cute and funny.  And from that day, as she has told it, she planned that if we ever married she was going to work that into our ceremony somehow.  And so she did.

Well enjoy this next round of photos.  And no, J.P. and I did not deliberately decide to wear nearly identical clothing.  It just so happens that we both have incredible fashion sense.


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