The Formal

The big day had finally arrived.  September 14, 2013.  Wedding day.

Hannah and I were getting ready.  Friends were on their way to the spot on the beach where the official ceremony would take place.  We had amazingly beautiful weather.  We had great food prepared and ready to eat (as you should know from reading the last post: The Food).  Drinks were mixed, beers were chilled, and tables and chairs were arranged for our small group of guests.  All Hannah and I needed to do was to actually take the plunge into the world of wedded bliss.

But before the actual exchange of vows and symbols, we had one final task: pictures.  The husband of one of Hannah’s co-workers agreed to take photographs of the whole ordeal.  Photography is a hobby of his, and sometimes his wife (again, Hannah’s co-worker) helps him out on his shoots.  The photographer’s wife is also the woman who made the delicious banana pudding cupcakes we had.

And so the photographer and his wife arrived, and the photo shoot began.  Below are some of the pictures from before the ceremony that Hannah and I like the most.  We’d love for you to take a look and share in the joy of the moment.

…but the “formal” moment was, mind you, pre-ceremony.  Next article: the fun stuff!


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