Engagement Photos

If you read the last article, you’ll know that Hannah and I got engaged.  Woohoo!!!

A couple of days after I proposed, Hannah won a one-hour photo shoot with a local photographer.  She and my mom (who was visiting that weekend) had gone to an event called “Blingo:” a fundraising gig that married (no pun intended) the old favorite “bingo” with prizes in the form of jewelry.  This particular Blingo event was raising funds for a local group of volunteer firefighters.  Apparently they raised a decent amount of money, as there were plenty of women who wanted the chance to win jewelry…go figure.


We made contact with the photographer, set up an appointment, agreed on a location, and got our outfits together.   And here, for your enjoyment, are some of the good ones.

And of course we’d be remiss if we did not offer our gratitude to the wonderful photographer who took our engagement photos.  Lara E., thanks for an enjoyable shoot and for wonderful pictures.  Lara’s website follows: laraephotography.shootproof.com.


P.S.  Hannah wants me to inform our readers that the tree you see in most of the photos is over 400 years old.  Its branches form a natural umbrella over a walkway on Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune.  It really is a neat location.  And it was about 10 degrees cooler under that tree than it was out in the sunlight.



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