So I (Jeremiah) arrived home a couple of days ago to enjoy some time off from my work overseas.  Hannah worked that day, and my inbound flight arrived during her working hours.  So we had talked about me just hanging out at the airport until she was able to pull away from work and pick me up.

But that sneaky, wonderful girl had other plans.  After I landed and deplaned, I made my way to the security exit into the general terminal.  And who do you think I saw on the other side of that security checkpoint? Yep, you guessed it: Hannah.  Standing there with a “Welcome Home” sign and a great big grin.  One could almost see her heart racing inside her chest.  (Mine was racing too.)

It was a great surprise.  But honestly, I knew she’d find a way to be there.  I’m really glad she was.  She made my return feel like a homecoming.


Once we left the airport we had one more stop to make: puppy school.  We had to go get the pooch.  And I don’t know if Gracie’s heart was racing, but her tail was sure going crazy.


Pretty good first homecoming, I’d say.


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