a simple question

So Hannah and I like a particular kind of ice cream: Chocolate Rocker, distributed by Front Porch.  It’s not because it’s healthy.  Not because it’s inexpensive.  Not because proceeds from its sales give shoes to children in some far-flung, impoverished country.  We like it because it tastes amazing.  Plain and simple.  And as I was making my way home from overseas, Hannah made sure to have some of this ice cream in our freezer; staged and ready to be eaten.

Last Wednesday (September 4th), Hannah and I decided to have some ice cream for desert after dinner.  Dinner was “lemon quinoa cilantro chickpea salad.”  It may sound complicated; it may sound too “trendy.”  But it was really quite simple and extremely delicious.  Immediately after dinner, and interrupting the smooth flow from meal to desert, Gracie Ann (the dog) indicated that she had to go outside.  So Hannah took her out.  And I got the ice cream from the freezer.

But that wasn’t all I did.  Staging the ice cream in its normal spot on our ottoman, I carefully placed into the pint an artsy spoon I had acquired from a vendor on the website, Etsy.com.  Onto the spoon, I ever-more-carefully slipped a piece of jewelry.  Can you see where this is headed?


Hannah returned and sat down next to me on the couch in the living room.  She leaned forward to press play on her laptop, as we had also been watching one of our favorite television series, Burn Notice.  After a moment or two, she turned to me with shock on her face and said, “Are you serious?!”

Well, then I told her some romantic things and then asked her to marry me.  She said yes, thankfully.


So I guess that means that we’ll get married at some point.  And I guess that means we’re stuck with each other.  All the better.




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