Fan Club

fan_1Okay, so it’s not the best quality photograph.  I had to edit a screenshot from a smart phone of a picture from a website to get the above image.


There she is.  That’s Hannah, circa September 2011.  She held that sign for the entirety of that race.  It was my first triathlon.

And ever since, Hannah has become my support crew, my fan club, my masseuse, and my personal assistant to make sure I don’t forget anything before a race.  I’m sure I could have done alright without her, but she has been a huge help.  She helps plan the road trips to the races.  She looks up great restaurants near the race location.  She normally sets up lodging.  And she basically adds to the adventure of each trip.

I don’t think a more supportive and helpful woman exists.  Certainly there are few women out there who can tolerate the “neediness” of a triathlete, or who can put up with someone talking about ONLY ONE THING ALL THE TIME.  But she has been patient, gracefully helping me navigate from race to race.

So, Hannah, thanks a ton.  I look forward to many more race adventures.  And I’m grateful that you’re willing, ready, and able to make each adventure richer and more memorable.



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