Numero one.

Hey y’all, welcome to our page!

Please allow us to introduce ourselves.

I (the man) am  Jeremiah.  I’m a thirty-something guy who has spent over a decade in the military.  I’ve traveled around the world, learned about different cultures, eaten exotic foods, and unfortunately gone to war.  I love reading and writing.  And I’m addicted to triathlons.  I love swimming, I love cycling, and I tolerate running.

Jeremiah and Gracie Ann

Jeremiah and Gracie Ann

I (the woman) am Hannah.  I am not yet a thirty-something woman, thank you very much.  I am a Certified Athletic Trainer by profession, and I currently work with active duty Marines.  It’s so awesome to hear a Marine say “Thank you,” and be told that I helped them return to duty.  I love the outdoors.  I love the ocean.  I love the beach.  I never want to live far from the sand and waves…it’s my happy place.  I also enjoy cycling and racing in multisport events.

Hannah and Gracie Ann

Hannah and Gracie Ann

We both really enjoy cooking, and we make a pretty good team in the kitchen.  Hannah loves to bake: cookies, cakes, cupcakes, you name it.  Jeremiah likes to be creative with seafood and vegetables, and makes amazing brie-stuffed hamburgers.  He also mixes the best mojitos, which Hannah is only too happy to enjoy.

As it turns out, in addition to cooking we both love eating.  When we travel, whether near or far, we try to find places with great tasting and well-presented food.  Old favorites (like hamburgers or fried mushrooms) and new innovations (like blackened tuna with wasabi dipping sauce)…we like to try them all.  And of course, a good adult beverage never hurts.

So we cook, we eat, we race, we sit on the beach, and…we travel.  For many of the races we go to we have to travel, so we always make a trip of it.  We’ll look for the best BBQ, or the best sweet tea, or (gasp with delight) the best shrimp’n’grits.  Great scenery is on the menu as well.  And we aren’t afraid to start up a conversation with complete strangers in order to make friends.

We also travel for fun and for holidays.  While it’s great to live on the beach, we both really enjoy road tripping to see national parks in our state and in others.  Last summer (2012) we went all the way up the East Coast, into Canada, and back again.  We camped, went to a concert, caught a few Major League baseball games, and ate lots of delicious seafood…but more on that later.

Last but not least, we must write something about our furry friend, Gracie Ann.  She is a lovable creature, but started out as a royal terror.  She was so unruly and energetic as a puppy that Jeremiah almost stopped dating Hannah because of her.  Hannah brought Gracie Ann home as a rescue (before we met and started dating).  Hannah thought that puppy obedience school would temper the little animal, but Gracie was such a nightmare that Hannah implored Jeremiah to keep a steady flow of post-obedience-school mojitos going to ease the pain.  Gracie Ann has turned into a wonderful, loving dog, however.  And she keeps us laughing with her huge bottom lip and unfortunate under bite (she’s a Boxador, you see: a Boxer mixed with Lab).  She loves the beach, going for runs, her posse at puppy daycare, and sweet potatoes.  She’s our special pup, and we love her.

So, as we keep on doing the things we love we’ll keep updating this site.  Stories, pictures, maybe even videos.  Thanks for stopping by and please keep coming back.




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